Food Allergy Planning

allergy allertFor many families, a Disney vacation is a time-honored rite of passage. These iconic theme parks offer a chance to indulge in childhood fantasies of magic and adventure—all in one centralized location. However, if you are a family with food allergies, Celiac disease, Crohn’s disease or Eosinophilic disorders, the process of planning a Disney vacation can be a bit daunting.

Jessica, a Disney College of Knowledge graduate, is a Disney-addict. Her love of Disney began at a young age and with each visit she falls in love a little bit more. Her love naturally transferred to her own children, but with her 4 children on special diets due to food allergies and an eosinophilic disorder, the required planning was very time intensive. After successfully planning multiple trips for her children, which included a trip with her oldest on a feeding tube and only 5 safe foods and her others on a top-8 free diet, she has learned the essentials for making a Disney trip successful on a limited diet.

Let Jessica’s expertise in Disney and the added benefit of personal experience with special diets, create a magical experience for you and your family.