Mickey and MInnie Wedding cropped with borderHi, I’m Jessica**, the Disney Specialist that will be planning your dream vacation. I’ll be here for you every step of the way to ensure you have the best vacation experience.

So, what does it take to be a Disney expert?   In addition to a love of Disney and A LOT of personal experience on my own Disney vacations. I am also a graduate of the Disney College of Knowledge, which makes me a Disney Specialist, as I have attained a special knowledge of Disney Destinations.  I am not an employee, agent nor affiliate of Disney, but I am an independent contractor for The Enchanted Traveler.

**Yes, that’s me up there with Mickey and Minnie!  I was very fortunate to be able to attend a dear friend’s wedding at Disney World this past year and she surprised me by scheduling Mickey and Minnie to show up during her reception.  She also had my chocolate table marker at the reception made to say Princess Jessica!  So it is obviously well known that I’m a HUGE Disney fan….and so are my friends!

For more information on how I got started, you can continuing reading below.

Here is how it was all started:

I was sitting around, a little bored one day and I started researching my next Disney vacation.  I’m a bit of what you would call a Disney-addict!  In 2014, I took 6 trips to Disney World!  Most of these trips were with my children, but I confess, I did take some trips without them.  (Shhh….they don’t know!) However, while I may love Disney, I also love planning Disney vacations!  The hours of researching the perfect trip, the detailed plans of where to be and when to be there, the restaurants to enjoy, the crowds to avoid….I love it all!!  It’s like a puzzle that I have to fit together perfectly in order to create the perfect vacation!

So as I was saying, I was sitting around and thinking about my next Disney vacation and my husband came up behind me.  Uh oh!  We just had a conversation about how we needed to cut back on the vacations because we (okay I)  went a little overboard this past year.  I knew he was going to make a comment as soon as he saw the website, so I quickly came up with a response – “Since I love planning Disney vacations and I’m so good at it, I’ve decided to turn it into a business! I can use all of my knowledge with Disney and Food Allergies to help create amazing vacations for OTHER people!!!”  I thought he was going to laugh at me and tell me how foolish it was.  Instead, he immediately smiled and said he thought it was a great idea!  Whoa! Could it really be this easy to get him on board with this venture??

Over the next couple of weeks, I would talk about my new venture with friends and family and I was met with similar reactions. Everyone thought it was a great idea!  I had been planning Disney vacations for them for years, why not expand it to everyone?!

Shortly after that, I saw an ad from The Enchanted Traveler looking for new Disney travel agents.  I thought this may be my time, but then I saw the level of interest that was generated from this ad.  I thought there would be no way I could set myself apart from every other person that was interested in this position.  So I waited a couple of days, tried to formulate the perfect proposal and then submitted my application.  I knew I had a successful business model – Food Allergies AND Disney vacations – it was a market that was wide open and I had so much knowledge about it!

I have 4 children that have food allergies.  I have had successful Disney vacations with a child that couldn’t eat ANY food and was solely dependent on a feeding tube, a child that had only 5 foods and then children that were free of the top 8 allergens.  If I could plan a successful trip for my family, I could plan a successful trip for every family!

If you are interested in hearing about how I can help you and your family plan your next Disney vacation, please click on Contact above.