Basic Disney Planning

know more than mickey

Are you a seasoned Disney pro?  By pro - this doesn't mean you've been there before - this means you know the in's and out's of Disney and you leave happy and fulfilled knowing you had the best vacation experience possible.

You know the best times to go and you know which park to visit each specific day.  You know the resort you want to stay at, the tickets you want to purchase and the differences between all of the different dining plans.  You know about the FastPass+ system and how to maximize your selections.  You know reservations for restaurants are required and can be booked solid even months in advance.   You know what restaurants are the good ones, and which ones you should avoid.

You've already reviewed your extra options - i.e. The Pirates League, Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique, the Holiday parties, a special Tour or even having your baby's first haircut turned into a special event in the Magic Kingdom.

If this is you, the free Basic Planning is for you! This is the planning you will get from every other travel agent out there.  They can book your vacation, give you a few tips and send you on your way.  I will be happy to book your vacation for you and I will even help you narrow down your options and provide some basis tips and tricks that even you as a pro may not know. Navigate to the Contact page and leave me your info and I'll provide a Basic Plan for you.

However, if you are like most people, you didn't even realize you needed to have a good plan to go to Disney.  Wait, you mean I can't just show up at Disney and have a good time?!?  Unless you want to be the family that spends most of your vacation waiting in lines or navigating through crowds of people, with blisters covering your feet, you really want to have a good plan.  Navigate down to the VIP Planning Services or the Contact page to learn more.